Healing Through Yoga - From The Inside Out

"Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?" - Rumi

We are open to healing even when we think the door is bolted shut.

Today, i'm here to share a story. A story that may touch others and aid in their healing. It may not hit home with everyone but at the very least, may open your eyes to new possibility.

A friend approached me recently seeking my opinion. Which isn't unusual obvi since that's what friends are for! She was worried about the way she was feeling during and after her Yoga practice.

Here's a snapshot of our convo:

"After a 75 minute restorative class I wasn't feeling so well, and progressively started to get nauseous, cramps, headache, dizzy, lightheaded.  It's difficult to attribute it to anything because there are so many factors happening right now [...] but it really seemed like yoga was the tipping point."

Interesting, huh? Could it just be life saying, "slow down" or was her body speaking to her during her practice? Whispering sweet healing vibes through expression in her physical body. 

A lot of people think yoga is just a mash of poses that help us "limber up" and to be honest, some classes may do that for you. However, specific styles of yoga are designed to heal our body. To allow our body to "let go" and provide us space for healing. To let our body detox from all the shit we let in - whether that be food, emotions or trauma. The healing that yoga provides depends on your ability to let it in what we need and release what we don't.

Everyone holds stress, trauma and/or hate in different parts of our body. Here are my spots: wrists, neck, shoulders & low back.

Do you know where your hot-spots are? Are there areas of your body that feel tense? Are painful? Give your problems?! 

If you are aware of an area in your body that needs healing, I challenge to do this:

(if you have more than one area, pick one for now)

Find yourself a comfortable seat in a safe space. 

Close your eyes. 

Start your deep breathing. 

Visualize your breath on your inhale, see your breath filling your belly. (I find it helpful to visualize my breath as a colour. I like yellow to associate with my solar plexus). 

Hold the breathe for as long as it's comfortable at the top of your inhale and watch your breath spiral around your belly.

Slowly exhale.

Now, let's repeat that process but pick your spot. The spot that needs healing.

Take a deep breath in and visualize your breath going to your spot. Send your breath there.

Hold the breath and watch your breath permeate your spot.

Slowly exhale.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. 

Some tips:

1. It can help to inhale and exhale to a specific count. I use the count of 4. If you are experienced with breathing techniques, feel free to increase the count. 

2. Don't beat yourself up if you can't visualize your breath the first time or you can't send your breath to a specific spot. Visualization is like riding a bike - once you get it, you get it! Practice makes Progress! 

3. If you experience any emotions, good or bad during this exercise, then let them come up. Continue the breathe work. Explore & chase the feelings! This is all a part of the healing process. 

What does all of this mean? 

It depends how you decide to receive it. This post started out about a story and very soon after became a breath lesson. 

What do I want to come from this post? I would love for people to feel inside their body. To be aware of good feelings but more aware of the bad. To see when your body reacts in yoga or when you're in a fight with a loved one or having a bad day at work. What happens? Notice it. Recognize the feelings. Deepen your breath. 

Change is a constant in our lives. Let's make change positive. 

Oh, and never underestimate the power of your breath. 



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