We can't move forward when we're standing still, right?! 

Over the past couple months, we've been working behind the scenes to bring something different, something special, something that brings small and growing businesses together. 

For years, I've talked about bringing you guys different products. Back in late 2015 when we started what once was "oasiszen", we talked about bringing you bad ass accessories and then, we fell off the wagon. 

I was working as a nurse, juggling yoga & social events and running this side hustle - it was too much. Since then, i've lived abroad, moved back to Canada, had a BABY. Fast forward, I did my first event in London (our new home) in June. I was nervous, anxious, excited. But after that event, I was craving community more than ever before. 

Not many people know but back in April, I was diagnosed with Depression. Coming out of that was hard but it was also something special. I feel now that I need to take on what i've always wanted to - bringing the best of the best to people around me. Supporting Canadian makers, WOMEN Canadian makers. 

This month (July) I will be launching my first NEW product. Scrunchies!! WHATTTTTT?!?!!


I teamed up with one of my besties (Amanda) who is a mama, seamstress and business owner. More to come about Amanda in the coming months! 

In October, we will be launching our first round of Collaborations. We have hand-picked amazing ladies who sell stellar items. 


Watch this space. It's coming and you won't want to miss it! We're calling it, Babes Supporting Babes - a Collaboration. 

In the meantime, our full collection of crystals and jewelry won't be going anywhere. 

See you soon, babes. 




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