We are more than Resolutions.

Posted on 03 January 2017

You made it. Another year has gone by - what has changed?

For me, I had a pretty eventful 2016. I spent a whole year living with my favourite person in the world, moving to another continent with him and travelling Europe. I've had some low lows while transitioning but the good surpasses them (by far). 

As we plan out 2017, let's ask ourselves how we can connect to ourselves. Screw resolutions that last a week or a month. Why not dedicate the rest of your life to you - to your health, your happiness and your well-being. 

I don't know about you but for me, that always comes back to self-love. It also comes back to the pressure we put on ourselves to be bigger and better; more successful, more passionate, MORE everything! I've had a hard time sleeping the past couple days and maybe it's just mercury retrograde but hey, maybe it's me getting stuck in my own head. 

A couple weeks ago, I spent a nourishing day with good friends who reminded me to celebrate. To celebrate myself and the achievements that 2016 has given me. Instead of thinking "hell ya", I worried about how I would do this or why I even deserved to celebrate. I found myself getting stuck in old habits of guilt which is one of my biggest "self-mutilating" thoughts. If you aren't familiar with self-mutilating, it can be anything from "I'm not good enough" to "I'm fat" to "why do you love me so much". They are the thoughts that bring us down instead of lift us up - a focus we go back to repeatedly which generally inhibits growth or can even expedite depression. 

What does this mean? 

It means taking a step back. Recognizing what needs to change and taking action. I made the decision to offer classes on YouTube every 2 weeks to focus on quality over quantity (it also takes the pressure off of worrying week-to-week about filming, editing, etc). I will take more time to listen to my body - when I need to practice yoga, when I need to meditate and when my body needs to eat instead of giving into mutilating thoughts of expectations. 

We listen too much externally instead of celebrating ourselves. Listening externally inhibits our own growth. Instead of resolutions this year, how about some self-love? What's scary is a lot of resolutions people make are directly linked to a self-mutilating behaviour. Dieting because "I'm fat", exercising because "my body isn't perfect". Let's ask ourselves what we need to connect to ourselves? Maybe it's not something you need in your life but it's something you need to remove from your life. 

I think we can all agree, you are more than a resolution. 

With grace, 


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