When Life Gives You Lemons...

"you are what you attract..."

Honestly, the past few weeks have been a test of my patience and a roar of self-mutilating thoughts. 

If you aren't sure what self-mutilating thoughts are, here are a couple examples:

"i'm not worthy"

"I can't do that"

"No one will watch"

"But, what if I suck?"

"No one loves me"

"the world is against me"

These "demons" are actually a blessing but only if you're aware of them when they rear their ugly head. Here's the thing about self-mutilating thoughts - they drain you. You know what they say, "you are what you attract". So, when you find yourself having a flair of these demons, do this:

1. Turn on your breathe

2. Get inside your body (chances are, you're just in your head)

3. Make a choice and turn the switch.  

Turn the switch to positivity and possibility. I challenge you to not just a "what if" but to an "I can and I will". Even if you don't believe the "I can and I will" right now, with time of repeating your "I can and I will's" you'll start to embody them and that's when the true magic starts. 

my unfortunate and amazing real-life example...

On my mission to share my journey with you, I am starting a new venture on YouTube. I invested in new equipment to dive into new projects. A wireless mic. But guess what? It didn't work because I was missing an adapter for my iPhone (I thought). I ordered it. Not working. I'm thinking it can't be this big, fancy, expensive piece of equipment, nahhh. So, I purchase another adapter for GoPro. It comes. Not working. 

You can imagine my demons are FLAILING right now. Jumping around my brain and trying to get inside my spirit. I let them permeate for a short while, long enough for me to snap out of it. What if this is a chance to invest in something better? bigger? more versatile? Yes. That's right. I'm meant for something great. Setting big soulful goals = big success. 

So, I pack it up. It's being picked up today for return and i'll be investing MORE to get BIG results. Investing in yourself is one of the greatest gifts. 

How do you invest in YOU!?

Anywho, I think that's all for now. My YouTube channel is linked below and beneath it is a little gift-ski if you were tempted by the last Blog post. 

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The gift-ski...

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Until next time... 

With grace, 



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Amanda Graham (#1)

I needed to read this, this morning.
Thank you. ♡

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