WTF is Human Design Anyway? | An Intro Guide

When I think about Human Design (HD), I don’t focus on details (hello, undefined ajna). Sure, HD is a compilation of multiple systems and channeled messages but that is not my focus when I talk about “what it is”. Why? Because to me, that doesn't matter. My fluid mind focuses on the bigger picture, not the in-betweens. 

To me, the most important part of HD is that it allows us to remember.  

Stick with me here... I believe that when we choose out time to come to planet earth and meet our parents, we choose who we are. We choose our purpose, our life lessons, everything. We, in the moment of creation, are the most authentic version of self. 

As we age, our exposure grows, beliefs are implanted and the human experience begins. The person we had chosen to be before coming down to earth, it begins to get a bit fuzzy. 

Now, Imagine you could get back to your authentic self? Imagine you could navigate your way through life exactly the way you decided? 

You can. This is Human Design. 

Human Design is a navigation system of the conscious and unconscious parts of us - the soul and the human. 

HD shows us how we are meant to show up in the world, respond to the world and move through each unique part of who we are. 

When you hear people talk about Human Design, they'll throw around words like: Design Type, Strategy, Authority, Not-Self Theme, Signature, Centers and Profiles and likely a bunch of other words that don't make sense without explanation. 

What does this mean though?

Today, let’s focus on the Design Types. In HD, there are Five different Designs which we will go through below. If you know your design, awesome!! If you don't, no sweat! As you read them, ask yourself - does this sound like me?!

In order to find out your HD energy type you need:

Your Exact Day/Month/Year of Birth 

Exact Time of Birth (yes, it's important)

Exact Location of Birth 

If you’re itching to learn more, you can book a customized reading which goes into all you need to know to get started aligning to your most authentic self. A 15+ page document to refer to as a reminder, to prompt you and guide you. If you're new, start here. If you've had a reading, this is the perfect refresher & will likely take you deeper into your authenticity. 


To find out your unique design, head to for a free look at your chart.

Spoiler alert: the info on the interwebs may look like jibberish. When you’re ready to get down to business, I'm here to break it down for you. 


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