Healthy Hair Journey

Plain + Simple, I love my hair. This hasn't always been the case though.

We've all been there when we look in the mirror: My hair is too frizzy. I want more volume. These split-ends are killing me. This list could go on and on, my friends but it doesn't have to anymore. 

Here's my story...

When I was 4 months post-partum, my hair-loss struggle become the reality I wasn't ready for. I could never prepare myself for the handful of hair i'd lose every time I washed my hair. I could barely look at myself without the thinning along the sides of my forehead staring me in the face. IT WAS TERRIBLE.

I felt defeated. Post-partum is already hard and I didn't quite know how to tackle another "issue". Luckily, a friend from high school reached out and introduced me to Monat. I didn't think twice, she promised me my best hair ever and I ran with it. It has been almost 1.5years since switching over all my haircare products and I CAN NOT fully express the gratitude I feel for having my hair back.

Ladies, this isn't just about having "more hair", it's about having HEALTHY hair. 

I am offering Free Hair Consultations HERE where I learn more about your locks so I can serve you better. 

I am here to help. Your transformation is only a couple steps away.



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