Stronger Together


Stronger Together - bold statement, right? 


The story behind this powerful tee came from a place of weakness, a place of feeling lost and craving relationships. 


Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without your community? What your life would be like without friends, family, co-workers, your favourite barista?


The answer is, it wouldn't be much of a life. 

Like many women you may know who have a business, I've hit my share of markets. I've gone to these markers as a vendor and a shopper. I did my first show in London in June 2018, The Modern Mom Show. Guys, it sucked. I hated every second. I didn't know anyone. It was my first vendor show after being on anti-depressants, I was freakin' riddled with anxiety all weekend. 


As a backstory, I lived in Ottawa for almost 7 years, where I had a career which was rewarding but sucked the ever-loving life out of me. I put my energy into my business which at the time was making jewelry, I found yoga and felt stable. I met the love of my life and we moved to England for a year. Though we traveled around England, Greece and Paris, it was so lonely. Both of our families were in other countries, we didn't have friends and the weather was BLAH. 


All of this combined, I knew I was so much stronger with people around me. We moved home, we had Noah, I got help and I have now reintegrated and feel pretty normal. I COULD NOT have done it without a community standing with me. 


No matter what walk of life you come from, no matter what you have gone through, the community you surround yourself with makes you stronger. I created stronger together to represent strength. To represent our journey with friends, family, ANYONE who contributes to your community. 


... because we truly are Stronger Together. 



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